Who, What and Why


I am Amy, the person behind the website-magazine-social media. I love to write. I love to read. And I love to read what other people write about their lives, and how they have experienced their lives. My life is filled with dog hair, empty coffee cups, and lots of belly laughs. It’s also filled with mental illness, exploration of faith, and complicated relationships. I write about all of these things.


We are here to explore the Human Condition, as you experience it. Please consider submitting anything that explores your life views, existence, mortality, spirituality, conflict, and more. Cleaning up Glitter should be a place where we can share our most honest works, without shame. That will mean something different for everyone. That said, we do not accept anything that is considered libelous or obscene, and do reserve the right to edit or refuse works that are considered such.


Why not? No, really. There are SO MANY literary journals. But there are even MORE authors and writers waiting to be published. Let’s all agree that we can benefit from learning about other peoples’ existence in this world.