Amy Tortorella Walsh, President & Founder


Amy is the founding president of Cleaning up Glitter, a literary organization and online journal. She writes under her maiden name, Amy Tortorella, but holds a day job and signs credit card receipts as Amy Walsh.

Amy began writing many years ago, as an angsty teenager. She mostly writes creative nonfiction and fiction. Through her writing, she explores the complexities of being human, the power of love, and what it means to let grief sit at the table. She is working on a children’s picture book, novel, and probably a memoir; she hopes to finish all three before her daughter goes to college in 12 years.

Amy resides in Massachusetts with her family which includes a 6-going-on-16 daughter and tribe of fur-babies; when she isn’t at her day job, she is running Cleaning up Glitter; when she isn’t doing that, she may be crafting, binging Netflix comedies, dancing in the kitchen, talking to the moon, or playing outside with her sassy little girl. Occasionally she sleeps.

Follow Amy on Twitter at @AmyTortWrites.

Board of Directors

Kevin Walsh, Treasurer

Deborah Tortorella, Secretary

Carole Caldarone