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Cleaning up Glitter, Inc. is an entirely volunteer-led organization. We are a 501c3 nonprofit, and our board of directors run all the operations, social media, manage our finances, and more.

At present, Cleaning up Glitter is entirely funded by the founder, with no regrets. The basic costs include our web hosting fees, Submittable account, and insurance and legal fees; our bare bones budget (ie expected expenses) for 2019 is $2,300.

Once we meet our initial budgeted goal, we will be growing our efforts to include writing seminars, workshops, community programs, and more. Baby steps!

With your support we can meet our goals sooner.

Click here to become a patron through Patreon. Contributions made through Patreon will be used to offset the costs of our basic expenses, and any leftover funds will be funneled back into our future programs. The regular income will make it possible for us to do things like upgrade our web services and Submittable accounts, making it possible for more people to submit for free. Yay for making publishing accessible!

Contributions made on Patreon are not tax deductible. As soon as we can finish setting up our online donation platform and are able to accept tax deductible gifts, we will let you know :)

We hope you have enjoyed reading Cleaning up Glitter. Thank you in advance for your patronage!

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Amy Tortorella Walsh